Updates on Film Appearances & Screenings (2019)

"Galveston" US release October, 2018. Jeffrey Grover plays Dr. Finelli opposite Ben Foster. Directed by Melanie Laurent.

"I Feel Pretty" US release April 2018. Jeffrey Grover plays the Silver Fox opposite Amy Schumer.

"Roebling's Bridge" was screened as part of the 12th Annual Manhattan Film Festival, April 2018. Jeffrey Grover plays John Roebling. Directed by Christopher Emmons.

"Two Cents From a Pariah" filmed in August, 2018 in Milwaukee and NY.  Scheduled for release in 2019. Jeffrey Grover plays main character Donovan Strathmore. Written and directed by Christopher Emmons.

"You Go First" filmed in June, 2018. Short narrative comedy scheduled for release in 2019 written by Jeffrey Grover, who also plays Ralph opposite Andrew Gorell as Joel, and Derdriu Ring as Dr. Jones. Produced by g2h films. Directed by Christopher Bohan.